Versatile, Curious, Expressive
Gemini, your fashion taste is so eclectic and funky that sometimes people might think that your closet is for two people instead of one! Your differing styles allows you to explore and be creative with your appearance. While you do enjoy fun and bold accessories, you also always make sure that your pieces are easy to take care of. 
Our jewelry is easy to maintain and it matches your funky personality. Go wild this season Gemini, and don’t be afraid to go even bolder!
These are just too cute! Grab the Zodiac Earring for you and your Gemini bestie 
Twins!! Tiny Friends will always be right at your side 
The Gage Bracelet is a classic style re-worked with iridescent acrylic. It comes in Emerald too :D
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June 21, 2020 — Hello islynyc