420 Bundle

$ 223.00

 Iridescent glasses change color and hide your eyes *just* enough. Add the lanyard and keep your glasses (or mask) attached at all times - perfect for when you start forgetting where you put stuff... combined with our charm choker and earrings for the full fit

  • Includes 420 Glasses, Lanyard, Earrings, and Choker
  • laser cut acrylic glasses with metal nose bridge and temples
  • lightweight novelty glasses
  • do not have UV protection
  • includes case and shammy
  • Hand made in NYC, ready to ship!
  • We are a small team: processing takes between 1-14 business days, depending on the number of orders
  • All sales are final


Novelty glasses, are not UV protectant and should not be worn while driving.  Slaying, on the other hand, is fine.