Whether you have been inspired by a life-changing drag show or ISLYNYC’s drag queen jewelry collection, you may be thinking about trying drag for yourself. It’s a fun, bold way to express yourself, but it can seem intimidating for a beginner. ISLYNYC is here to give everyone the eye-catching accessories they need to be themselves and stand out from the crowd, and in today’s blog, we’ll be offering tips on how to find your inner drag queen! Read on to learn more, and don’t forget to explore our drag queen collection for inspiration!

Discover Your Persona

The first and most important step in becoming a drag queen is discovering the persona you want to express through drag. Becoming a queen is all about finding a larger-than-life personality. Anyone can become a drag queen, no matter your gender or body type, as long as you have a feminine persona ready to strut!

There are many different ways to be a queen, so think about who your drag queen personality is. Is she sassy and spicy? Elegant and poised? Downright crazy? Choosing a name can also help you learn more about your character, and you can find inspiration from queens online and around the world.

Decide on Your Look

Next, bring your character to life by discovering her look. Do you want to try out traditional drag styles or explore something more experimental? Is your persona glitzy, girl-next-door, or trashy chic? Remember, there is no wrong way to be a drag queen as long as you’re respectful of the craft and having fun. It’s up to you to decide if you want to shave and what you want to shave — there are plenty of drag queens killing it with full beards! You can also choose from full-length gowns or thrift shop looks. It’s all up to you!

Go Shopping

Drag can be a big investment, so brace yourself before you go looking for everything you need. From crazy makeup palettes and exciting costumes to padding and tape, there are is a long list of supplies you’ll need for traditional drag. Only buy what your inner queen is clamoring for, and remember that the right attitude can make even a trash bag look glamorous. Accessories are essential for any queen, and ISLYNYC has a wide selection of eye-catching acrylic jewelry, statement glasses, and more. Explore our drag collection to see some of our pieces on your favorite queens!

Have Fun

Now it’s time to introduce your drag queen persona to the world! Most drag shows include lip synching, so find a song that makes you feel fierce and learn the lyrics by heart. You don’t have to create an elaborate dance routine, but every performance should give your drag personality the chance to shine through. To start, you should have two or three songs in your repertoire that you can try out at different venues. Go to auditions for your favorite local drag showcase and look for opportunities at nearby bars or event centers.

There are plenty of opportunities for drag queens, and not all of them center around nightlife! Once you’ve established yourself as a fabulous queen, you may find yourself hosting events or becoming a party promoter. There are a lot of ways you can let your inner queen shine, so don’t be shy!

Get Started with ISLYNYC

Are you ready to take the world of drag by storm? Start shopping today at ISLYNYC! We have tons of drag queen jewelry for you to choose from, so you can find something just as unique as your character. Try out trendy chokers, unusual earrings, novelty necklaces, and, of course, our iconic statement glasses. We are here for drag queens, and you can find even more inspiration on our tumblr! Start following us on social media today, and show us your hot new drag looks!

January 08, 2019 — Carrie Morrissey