**Jewelry Care Guide for ISLYNYC Accessories:**

ISLYNYC accessories are masterfully crafted with materials such as laser-cut acrylic, cubic zirconia, fresh water pearls, enamel, 14k gold plated brass, gold fill, rhodium plate, sterling silver fill, steel, and white gold plate. Our commitment to quality ensures nickel-free and lead-free jewelry that exudes elegance.

**Daily Care:**
To maintain the pristine condition of your accessories, refrain from wearing them while swimming, showering, exercising, or applying products like perfumes, lotions, or hair products. Despite the high quality, exposure to these elements may result in dulling or scratches.

**Cleaning Instructions:**
For regular upkeep, use a soft, damp cleaning cloth to gently wipe your jewelry, reaching into nooks and crannies. If residues like makeup, setting spray, or hairspray are present, clean with unscented soap and warm water, ensuring thorough drying. Avoid using windex or alcohol-based solutions, as acrylic is not designed to withstand these substances. Avoid prolonged submersion in water.

**Storing Instructions:**
Give your treasures a little extra care by storing different types separately. Use a Ziploc or sandwich bag with the air squeezed out to prevent oxidation. Alternatively, utilize the provided fabric bag for additional protection. When not in use, store your accessories face up in their original case, hang them on a jewelry stand, or carefully place them within a jewelry organizer.

Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the beauty and sparkle of your ISLYNYC jewelry! ✨