Loyal, Analytical, Kind
Virgo, you are the most sophisticated and particular of the zodiac. For you, everything must be perfect! You are naturally skeptical and take the time to really analyze what you want to wear and the idea that you want to convey. While your sign doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd, take charge this season and don’t be afraid to show off what you got!  Wear some ISLYNYC like a #virgoqueen and slay!!!
Virgo, our classic iridescent goes with anything. Cop a pair of your very own Zodiac Earrings 
The Skinny Gage Earring in Emerald is admirable and sophisticated (just like you!)
Virgo this is the time to show how much of a bad ass you are. The Drip Choker will guarantee to turn heads ;)
Slay the day babe and don't forget to to tag us @islynyc and use the hashtag #ISLYicon
Image credit: Autostraddle.com
Zodiac Information Credit: Astrologyclub.org
August 23, 2020 — Hello islynyc