Mystery Bags

$ 30.00 $ 60.00



Indecisive about your next ISLY piece? A long-time follower eager for a personalized collection? Brand new and not sure where to start? Look no further – the ISLY Mystery Bag is crafted just for YOU!

Why Choose the Mystery Bag?
- 🤲 Curated by hand especially for you!
- 💸 Choose your price point – the minimum original value is shown, but it could be even more!
- 🎁 Fun extras included
- 🕰️ Older styles, some discontinued, past collections, or experimental pieces we never released
- 📸 Each bag is unique – the photo is just an example, not a guarantee

Additional Details:
- 🗽 Made in NYC with love
- 🚚 Ready to ship – no waiting around!
- 🚫 Final Sale – mystery and surprise guaranteed!
- ⏳ Our small team processes products in 1-10 business days

Unleash the mystery, embrace the surprise! Dive into the world of ISLY with a Mystery Bag – your personal journey into style awaits.