Hi friend, thanks for stopping by! We’re super happy you’re here. You know why? Because we’re not Amazon. We aren’t some distribution center throwing whatever random thing you decided to toss into your cart into a box.  We’re a conscious decision to buy Art.   Art has a process, hands that make it, who ship it with care, and then think about how you might enjoy it.


It’s personal for us, we hope it’s personal for you. 


All items are made by hand.

STUDIO HOURS (where we make everything)

The studio is open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Shipments go out during business hours.  Purchases can take up to 14 business days to make before they ship, though usually ship much faster.

STORE HOURS (where we sell everything)

88 10th Ave NY NY 10010 open 7 days a week

10am-9pm M-Sat 

10am-8pm Sundays 


Need Customer Service?

email: help@islynyc.com


ISLYNYC is laser cut acrylic jewelry and accessories made by hand in Brooklyn, New York. ISLYNYC has made its mark with recognizable and iconic statement pieces such as the "Sorry Not Sorry" Necklace, Splashes Glasses, and Acrylic Visors, collaborations with other labels such as DKNY, Mondo Guerra and Bcalla; and its extensive work with celebrities like Madonna, Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, Violet Chachki, Sasha Velour and others.

ISLYNYC has been featured in many retailers including Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, Patricia Field, International Playground, all of DKNY’s flagship locations as well as retailers internationally in London, Paris, Japan and Korea. Consistently published since our inception in 2013, ISLYNYC has been on the cover of Vogue Taiwan, Elle Canada and WWD; and has been in some of the most respected and sought after publications around the world. (Link to press) Our most recent collection #ISLYiridescence is available on our website and select NYC boutiques.

Press and Campaigns

A Look Inside Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry Brand, ISLYNYC from Young & Able on Vimeo.